General Contracting Services

Katerra’s national team delivers on-time, on-budget projects for clients across a range of market sectors and building types.

General Contracting Services

General Contracting Services

At Katerra, we consider pre-construction the most important phase of any project. The ability to align the interests, objectives and practices of all team members at this early stage in the construction cycle is an amazingly accurate predictor of project success.

As a partner to both developer clients and designers, our budgetary vigilance keeps the entire team aligned from pre-construction through project completion. We strive to have the most creative and cost-effective solutions while maintaining architectural aesthetics.

Reach out to learn more about the capabilities our team has built over decades of experience, as well as some of the unique advantages made available by utilizing general contracting services within the Katerra ecosystem of AEC products and services.


  • Type 1 Expertise
  • Pre-Construction Leadership
  • Virtual Design & Construction
  • Integrated Material Supply Chain
  • Predictability & Efficiency of Block Scheduling
  • Value Engineering

Construction Leaders

Brett Fortune

Brett Fortune has been actively involved in the construction industry for over thirty years. He has supervised the construction of more than 22,000 multifamily units since Fortune-Johnson’s inception. Brett holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a concentration in marketing from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. Prior to forming Fortune-Johnson, Brett was a Senior Project Manager with the Calibre Company of Georgia for nine years.

Brett has extensive experience in all phases of construction operations, including estimating, scheduling, site development, building construction and business development. He is a licensed general contractor in the states of Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Brett is Chairman Emeritus for the Associated Builders & Contractors of Georgia and sits on the Construction Management Advisory Board for Clemson University, as well as Kennesaw State University’s Construction Management Advisory Board, of which he is a past Chairman. Brett is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Jim and Rob Caulfield

Jim and Rob Caulfield

When Katerra looked for leadership for their construction efforts on the east coast James Caulfield and his brother Robert were immediately identified as difference makers.  With the acquisition of Fields construction Katerra found a company with a long history of success in the New Jersey marketplace.  Founded in 1933 by Jim and Roberts’ grandfather, Patrick Caulfield Sr., Fields Development group gave the two Fields brothers an in-depth education into the entire development process, with their Father and Uncle focusing on engineering and architecture.  When Rob and Jim emerged from College in the late 90’s they immediately moved into the construction arena and began the hands-on process of learning the industry.  Drawing on the lessons instilled in them by their father and grand-father they focused on analyzing every aspect of a potential project, most importantly the long term effect each development had on the community that surrounds it.
Today Jim and Rob continue the legacy set before them, looking to constantly find ways to build better and smarter.  They believe strongly in the mission that Katerra has laid out;  “Transforming through technology – every process and every product.”  Jim and Rob continue to give Katerra East guidance and leadership, bringing engineering, architecture and GC expertise to our team.

Mike Hurst

Mike’s 30+ years of experience in the construction industry is characterized by a hands-on management style. Over this time, he has acquired a well-rounded understanding of both horizontal and vertical construction systems. 

In Mike’s principal leadership role, he has developed an extraordinary skill set that includes not only construction operations management but also preconstruction services. Mike provides strategic leadership, operational management and technical direction to the Katerra team. He manages our construction staff, ensuring that our big picture focus is on achieving the goals of our clients.

Tom Keilty

Tom has the unique ability to build a strong team starting in preconstruction. By understanding the goals and values from the client’s perspective, he is the person who keeps the team focused on what is most important to the client. With an easy communication style, Tom brings clarity to complex issues and he rises to the challenge of balancing quality and aesthetics with sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Tom’s career in the construction industry has not only spanned 30+ years but also two countries. As the owner and operator of an infill-oriented construction and development company in Vancouver, he gathered invaluable experience in delivering projects on difficult sites and high exposure locations. His interest in sustainable construction practices stems from his early exposure to working in Vancouver’s intensely eco-friendly urban landscape.

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