Fully-Integrated Building Services

End-to-End New Build

For developers, we provide end-to-end products and services for ground-up new build projects. This includes integrated design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, and construction.

Material supply images, light timber pieces

One-Stop-Shop for Building Materials

Materials & Supply Chain Services

Katerra works with a wide variety of clients to supply a range of structural and finish material products, along with a robust set of supply chain services.

Renovations kitchen example.

Full-Service National Renovations

Renovations Services

For property and business owners, Katerra provides fully-integrated renovation services for multi-family market rates, affordable, commercial and retail markets.

Katerra working moving palette of timber.

Decades of Experience, Unique Expertise

AEC Professional Services

In addition to our end-to-end model, Katerra and our affiliate firms also offer a range of independent AEC services, including architecture, engineering, construction, self-perform trades, and more.

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