An energy platform that vastly improves upon today’s standard electrical room.

The Katerra Energy System (KES) is an integrated energy platform that will replace the typical electrical room with an appliance in multifamily garden-style apartment buildings, hotels, and other building types.

KES reduces building ownership costs while improving the energy management experience for building owners, managers, and occupants.

Simplified Design, Unprecedented Energy Optimization  

KES is designed to optimize an important but previously overlooked part of the building: the electrical room.

KES makes electrical rooms cheaper to construct, up to 40% smaller, and provides more utility to the building owner and occupants. KES replaces typical power distribution equipment with a system that is beautifully designed, faster to install, and prioritizes user experience and safety.

As an alternative-ready system, KES can dynamically shift power sources, balancing between grid, solar, and battery power throughout the day and night in order to optimize management of energy costs.

KES Software Interface

Alternative Energy

Its modular design and innovative use of adapters result in a small footprint that is future-ready, making upgrades and the use of additional sources far easier than with conventional approaches that require additional equipment such as PV inverters, battery inverters, etc.

Energy Use Tracking

The Katerra energy system monitors all power through the system and can provide real time status reports to all stakeholders (owners, managers and occupants) through an intuitive machine interface and our web app.

The KES System Diagram

AC + DC Compatible

It facilitates multiple energy sources (such as solar, battery, grid, etc) singularly or in combination.

Advanced AI

KES uses ML and AI to enable dynamic optimization and facilitate proactive and predictive maintenance. With an intelligent management system and a base system that is less expensive than today’s electrical room, KES was designed to help building owners and users reduce energy costs, minimize transducer losses, facilitate peak shaving using storage, maximize battery life, and overall manage building energy usage with more flexibility and precision.

KES Product Detail

  • Smarter, smaller, and less expensive
  •  Integrates metering, distribution, and alternative energy
  •  AC + DC compatible
  •  Positive CapEx and OpEx impact
  • Advanced AI, Ml, and Data Analytics
  •  Centralized intelligent power management system
  • Minimizes power consumption cost while meeting/exceeding customer requirements

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