Next generation HVAC optimized by advanced machine learning to create comfortable, efficient living spaces.

KOVA Intelligent HVAC uses behavior, environmental and occupancy data unique to each living environment to adapt, personalize and maximize comfort.

Occupying a minimal footprint, KOVA Intelligent HVAC is designed to install between vertical studs, integrating seamlessly into spaces, elevating design and eliminating the loss of valuable unit footprint.

MEP systems often represents over 20% of construction and operating costs. While heating and cooling costs can account for as much as 50% of operating costs. Our goal was to develop a system that would maintain all the positive attributes of a standard packaged HVAC system but modernize it to be quieter, more efficient, take up less space, easily integrate into our designs, and provide both capital and operating cost savings making it an exceptional solution for multifamily, hospitality and residential building projects.

The result: the KOVA Intelligent HVAC.

An Intelligent Comfort System

With the combination of advanced sensor technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the KOVA HVAC can intelligently control ventilation and the ambient temperature of a room.

Instead of cycling On and Off between over-conditioning and under-conditioning, the KOVA HVAC continuously adjusts its operating speeds to provide just the right amount of conditioning to control temperature resulting in improved comfort and less noise.

The KOVA HVAC offers exceptional comfort, reduced noise levels, and improved efficiency at a lower cost than existing systems.

Predictive Maintenance

An advanced, state-of-the-art system, the KOVA HVAC is simple to use and maintain. This intelligent system communicates service needs and failure conditions facilitating predictive maintenance, eliminating the need for initial triage visits, and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Intelligent Operation

KOVA HVAC can also communicate with each other and work in a coordinated manner to provide the highest level of comfort while optimizing energy use for the entire residence. There’s also an added benefit: KOVA Intelligent HVAC can be connected to the Katerra Cloud for even more granular control and optimization.

Interior Perspective of the KTAC

KOVA HVAC Product Details

  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Engineered for Easy Installation
  • Superior Performance
  • Predictable Maintenance
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Remote Management and Monitoring

By the Numbers


  • Up to 40% quieter
  • Up to 40% more efficient
  • 30% lower installation costs

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