Designed and manufactured with precision, the KOVA Bath Kit redefines bathroom construction.

The KOVA Bath Kit is an innovative bathroom delivery system engineered to reduce cost and increase the speed to occupancy.

Widely known to be one of the most challenging components of a building to deliver, we’ve reimagined bathroom assembly by applying systems-level thinking to optimize and simplify the process. 

Rooted in scalable and repeatable manufacturing and construction methodologies, the KOVA Bath Kit saves significant time and money.

Our approach centers around the concept of higher levels of completion in the factory. But it also takes advantage of Katerra’s strategy of treating the factory and the construction site as extensions of each other, and partitioning activities to optimize cost.

Designed to be assembled in less than a day by only two people. We are able to achieve this through simple process innovations: 

  • Creative shipment techniques
  • Higher Level of Factory Completion
  • Streamlined Install

An All-in-One Solution

The KOVA Bath Kit includes every product needed to finish a bathroom. The design of the bath kit incorporates non-permitted walls into shower/tub to form part of ship crate. Finishes are housed on the crate shelves, packed in reverse order for ease of install. 

Innovative Cradle Design

Damage to the tub/shower is the most common onsite rework claim. We utilize a reusable cradle design inside a ship container to help eliminate damage to goods in transit and on-site. Lastly, the kit is wrapped for moisture protection and site storage.

Jobsite delivery is made simple as the kits are loaded into the building, making for more efficient use of space during construction. This helps to position the materials all together rather than multiple shipments where material repositioning can lead to lost or missing parts.

Streamlined and Standardized

With a higher level of organization and streamlined, standard installation methods, we eliminate waste via misplaced or damaged product and reduce the amount of labor necessary. The finished product is a high-quality, beautifully designed bathroom, delivered more efficiently.

Bath Kit Product Detail

Predictable: Precision design and manufacturing results in units that fit every time.

Efficient: Higher level of organization and streamlined, standard installation methods, waste is eliminated and labor is optimized. 

Quality: An innovative cradle delivery system eliminates product damage, resulting in lower defects and replacement issues.

Flexible: Tailored for a range of good, better, best customization options.

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