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Building Platforms

Katerra Building Platforms are made from manufactured assemblies and components; including wall panels, casework systems, bathroom kits, and more. Building platforms are designed as full-scale building products for streamlined repeatable manufacturing and field assembly.

48 State Design Solution

1000's of Unique Design Configurations

100% Complete Bill Of Materials

Katerra Katerra

Structural Systems

Katerra structural components include truss assemblies for floor and ceiling, exterior and interior wall panels, and utility walls with plumbing and electrical wiring pre-installed.

Significant Cost Savings vs. Traditional Framing

Pre-Installed MEP

Floor Systems Installed Within Hours

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Cross-Laminated Timber

Cross-Laminated Timber represents the next generation of high-performance building technology that will fundamentally change the way we build.


Superior Strength to Weight vs Steel or Concrete

Fully Renewable

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KOVA Comfort Intelligent HVAC

We’re redefining traditional utility systems to reduce energy consumption and enhance the living spaces for occupants.

An Intelligent Ecosystem

Integrated Architectural Design

Advanced Machine Learning

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KOVA Windows

Katerra designs and manufactures a catalog of standard window and door products for residential and commercial applications.



Energy Efficient

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KOVA Bath Kit

The Katerra Bath Kit is an innovative bathroom delivery system engineered to reduce cost and increase the speed to occupancy.

Innovative Shipping & Delivery

Reduced Damage

Streamlined Install

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Fixtures & Finishes

KOVA is the official building products brand of Katerra, delivering the perfect balance of great design, consistent quality, and incomparable value.

Integrated Design

Consistent Quality

Incredible Value

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AEC Software

Katerra Apollo is an AEC software platform providing teams with persistent data from beginning to end of building projects. Phase one Apollo applications are focused on site analysis, material selection, and construction management.

End-to-End Project Data

Site Planning

Design Coordination

Construction Management