Our Vision

About Us

Katerra is bringing fresh minds and tools to the world of architecture and construction.

We are applying systems approaches to remove unnecessary time and costs from building development, design, and construction.

With the latest technology at our fingertips, efficiency no longer has to come at the expense of quality or sustainability.

Led by a team that combines expertise from the most groundbreaking technology, design, manufacturing, and construction companies, we are transforming how buildings and spaces come to life.

Katerra is off to a fast start with more than 1000 employees, offices in four countries, a growing number of factories, and dozens of active projects.

Founded in 2015, today Katerra ranks as one of the top 25 multifamily general contractors in the United States. 

Stagnant. Inefficient. Expensive.

We believe that the multi-trillion dollar global construction industry is ready for change.

Construction companies traditionally invest less than 1% of revenue in new technologies—lower than every other major industry. As a result, the last several decades have seen U.S. construction productivity fall while costs continue to go up.

We are ready to do better.

Katerra is bringing the technology, design, and supply chain innovations that revolutionized Silicon Valley to the world of architecture and construction.

A New Way Forward

It’s time to move beyond “what’s been” to redefine what is possible.

We have an opportunity in the next decade to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of construction and provide a new generation of high quality essential workforce housing. 

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Incremental fixes are not enough to address the problems of an industry so vital to our social fabric and to the planet.

Transformational change on a meaningful scale will only come by applying a new mindset and proven, modern solutions at all levels of construction.

Learn more about the new generation of leaders, technologies, and approaches that will define the future of building.