Our Process

Every building shouldn't be a one-off prototype.

It’s time to move beyond incremental fixes to an era of transformation in the ways we design and construct buildings. 

We leverage technology and end-to-end control to move from individual project thinking to a systems approach. 

01 | Technology Platform

Advancement in technology enables deep integration and newfound efficiencies between design, supply chain, and onsite assembly, making the Katerra model possible.

We invest heavily in research and development to bring the best of Fortune 500 enterprise technology to construction, while also developing our own proprietary software and hardware solutions to elevate property development, design, and construction to the next level.

Our technology solutions include global enterprise deployment of SAP HANA, the Katerra Market Analytics platform to mine data from real estate and construction, a mobile app market to connect our workforce in the field, industrial IOT tools to optimize job site activity and inventory tracking, and more. 

02 | Design Led

A transformative approach to building begins with design.

Katerra has developed a novel building system to strike the perfect balance between standardization and configuration.

Based upon a standard kit of parts, Katerra’s design system utilizes structural building components and curated interior products and finishes to create a multitude of elegant, custom configurations. 

03 | Global Supply Chain

Our sophisticated technology stack connects Katerra’s building information modeling directly to our global supply chain infrastructure for ease of ordering, tracking, and manufacturing.

Our advanced manufacturing, global product sourcing team, and logistics network offers a simpler alternative to the traditionally large number of suppliers and manufacturers. Katerra’s integrated approach aggregates demand to build negotiating power that benefits all of our clients. 


04 | Onsite Assembly

Powered by our global supply chain and technology, Katerra’s end-to-end building process takes a modern approach. A Katerra job site more closely mirrors a process of precision-sequenced product assembly.

We are mining advanced analytics to optimize productivity on our job sites, while also moving labor from the job site to our factories to provide greater schedule and product quality assurance. The result is reduced resources and time in order to complete a building project.