Our Factories

Fabricating next generation building components and assemblies.

Katerra’s factories produce a wide range of building components and materials, including lighting, cabinetry, truss assemblies, wall panels, and more. 

Our unique "Integrated Factory" model connects Katerra factories directly to our job sites, ensuring a seamless transition from manufacturing, through delivery and installation. This approach extends the speed, precision, coordination, and quality assurance of our factory environments directly to Katerra job sites. 

Katerra factory capabilities include:

  • Advanced manufacturing lines and production systems, with machinery from leading equipment suppliers
  • Direct link to our SAP enterprise resource planning system
  • Direct link to product and project engineering, enabling complete BIM to FIM production 
  • Co-location with our warehouses for easy kitting and delivery
  • Strategic location near rail and shipping ports
  • Product showrooms
  • R&D labs  

Our first factory in Phoenix began production in early 2017 and Katerra has plans to further expand our manufacturing reach in the near future. 

Katerra's Spokane factory products include:

  • Cross-Laminated Timber Wall Panels
  • Cross-Laminated Timber Floor Systems
  • Glulam Structural Beams

The facility occupies 29 acres of a prime 52-acre site in Spokane Valley, with easy access to rail lines and interstate highways. 

With its new 250K square foot mass timber manufacturing facility, Katerra is helping to scale the production of mass timber in the U.S. so the material can be more broadly adopted across the construction industry. 

Mass timber represents the future of high performance building technology as a new market for building materials that are safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly. Production is slated to begin early 2018. 

Phoenix Factory


Katerra's Phoenix factory capabilities include:

  • Interior Wall Panels
  • Exterior Wall Panels
  • Roof Truss Assemblies
  • Floor Systems
  • Utility Walls
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops

The facility's advanced manufacturing lines allow us to build a 24-unit garden style walk-up apartment building every two weeks (600 apartments per year); cabinets and countertops for 15,000 apartments per year (41 apartments per day); and 12,000 door assemblies per year (33 apartments per day).

With 220,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, it also contains our Katerra Design Showroom where clients can view our full suite of products and interior design solutions in action, including fully finished apartment units made entirely of Katerra products.

Our Phoenix factory includes the following types of equipment: MiTek Blade Saw to cut and mark various types of lumber, Builders Automation Machinery Prehung Door Machine for producing multi-sized door configurations, and Laguna SmartShop LD4 for horizontal drilling and mechanical fastening systems, and more. The factory currently employees over 300 workers.