Job Dive: Oralia Cruz

The “Job Dive” blog series provides a view into the day-to-day of leaders and teams across Katerra as they develop strategies and new methods of working on the journey to transform the way we build.

Oralia Cruz

Senior VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) Coordinator

How did your previous experience prepare you for your current role?

I have always been interested in construction. Right out of college I was commissioned an Officer in the Navy.  After 6 years of active duty, I decided to resign my commission and figure out what I was going to do with my life.  Construction became my goal, and I enrolled in Architectural Engineering Drafting at North Seattle Community College. When I completed my training, I was hired on as a VDC Detailer and later promoted to Coordinator with a local commercial contractor. The leadership experience I gained in the Navy as well as practical learnings about traditional construction and coordination prepared me for this current role–through experience gained and the understanding of how to lead people to a common goal.

What have been some highlights during your time at Katerra?

Pioneering the use of Revizto for project coordination and communication. Working with amazing people up and down the coast and getting to be a part of the K3 building product team.

There is nothing like the feeling you get knowing you saved a project time and money by fixing problems ahead of construction.

How are you overcoming the bias against technology in traditional construction and helping people understand the value?

By getting these technologies incorporated into as many projects as possible and taking time to train and answer questions on the technology. The goal is to have as many people in it as possible so they can figure out how it works to help them with their workflow. Once they buy in, they get others onboard.

Can you point to a specific example of putting technology into the hands of the workforce or how it benefitted a project or job site?

We use a program called Revizto. It allows project teams to coordinate drawings on the administrative side, then allows the construction crews to take the model to the site with their iPads to ensure what was coordinated is what is being built.

What inspires you most in your job?

Problem solving. It can have its frustrations, but once an issue is discovered and figured out there is nothing like the feeling you get knowing you saved a project time and money by fixing problems ahead of construction.

What project or initiative are you most excited about right now?

Revizto – once it is fully integrated across all projects from design to construction, all jobs will have fully coordinated construction documents and the construction process will run like clockwork.  I know it can happen. I trust it will happen.

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