A Dialogue with Katerra

Craig Curtis with Design Intelligence Media Group

Craig Curtis speaks on supply chains, scale, platforms and mass customization in a design-quality-focused organization

DesignIntelligence (DI):  Katerra has a rare position in the A/E/C marketplace as a vertically integrated company. Yet your background had been in traditional architectural practice. Can you share your background, how you got here, and your current role at Katerra?

Craig Curtis (CC:) I spent most of my career at the Miller Hull partnership. I joined the firm in 1987 after spending a few years down in California after university. I was there from ‘87 for almost 30 years. It was a fantastic experience. Dave Miller, Bob Hull, Norman Strong, and I were the four partners for quite a few years. The firm grew and I led the charge to open an office in San Diego for the firm. I had some incredible commissions there – a worldwide U.S. Embassy contract and a GSA land port of entry at San Ysidro, the busiest border crossing in the world, and the largest GSA project at that time. That kept our firm afloat through the recession. I was fortunate to be in that position and to work alongside Dave Miller and Bob Hull, my mentors for 30 years. A fantastic experience and a great run. We grew the firm from 8 when I started to close to a hundred when I left. Nice steady growth with a deep bunch of talented people – which is what you need to do high-profile work.

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