Job Dive: Jaime Jacobs

The “Job Dive” series provides a peek into the jobs of people and teams across Katerra as they develop strategies and new methods of working on the journey to transform the way we build.

Jaime Jacobs

Vice president of business development, affordable housing

Jaime Jacobs was brought up in the AEC industry. She began her career as a receptionist, working her way up the ladder and learning everything she could from every position she held along the way. “I’m lucky that throughout my 25 years in the industry, I’ve have had strong mentors to help guide, assist, celebrate, and humble me.” Says Jaime, now vice president of business development for Katerra’s affordable housing renovations division. “Building strong relationships throughout the years has been my biggest asset in preparation for my position with Katerra.”

While in between jobs, she was contacted by a recruiter with Katerra. After going through the rigorous interview process, she realized she couldn’t pass up the opportunity for something new. “It became instantly clear that this team and me were meant to be together.”

After settling into her new role, Jaime’s way of thinking about the construction process began to shift. Working within established communities to keep residents in an affordable home close to their jobs gave the process a new depth, and her work new meaning. Says Jaime of the change, “Working on this team means something special to me. It’s completely different than conventional construction. It’s all about home.”

“Working on this team means something special to me. It’s completely different than conventional construction. It’s all about home.”

Jaime’s team recently completed the rehabilitation of Fairwood Apartments in Carmichael, CA.

She recalls small things that often go unnoticed as some of the most impactful. The replacement of a resident’s refrigerator when it broke, buying food for a resident who was having trouble getting to the store, making an ADA accessible unit for a resident in need. Jaime credits managing director Kyle Weaver and her extended team for making the job so rewarding and productive. “The passion comes from the top down. We are relationship-based and service-minded.”

With the world and industry adapting as quickly as possible to meet the changing needs of local communities amid the pandemic, she sees the demand for affordable housing only becoming more urgent. “Fortunately, we have successfully worked with owners, developers, municipalities, housing authorities, and more, who will really be the force behind the surge in rehabilitations nationwide.”

In the future, her team will continue to work towards expanding their nationwide reach in affordable housing renovations. The housing sector is a mainstay, and her team is well-positioned to grow organically by working side-by-side with repeat clients. “Developers and owners continue to bring us new opportunities wherever they go. Along the way, we are building trust with new clients in new areas that will facilitate our reach and presence as the best specialized general contractor in affordable housing.”

What inspires her most about her job? “Every day, I feel like we are doing something good for this world. That feeling spreads throughout our unit and onto the job sites. Everyone deserves a place to call home, and we are a part of supporting that.”

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