Katerra Thermal Management System for Active Equipment Racks

Katerra Thermal Management System for Active Equipment Racks

This paper demonstrates that the thermal management system for electrical room housing an AER and its associated battery storage system can be implemented with off-the-shelf equipment with nominal performance.


The primary performance objective of a thermal management system is to maintain the operating temperature range of the AER and its associated components (e.g. the battery storage system) within the specified operating temperature range. In general, running any electrical equipment at excessive temperatures will result in undesirable consequences such as accelerated aging, potentially voiding warranties, and reducing the operating efficiency of the system.

It is therefore important to understand how to design a proper thermal management system that meets its primary performance objective while simultaneously meeting its other objectives; i.e. low cost, quick, and easy installation, low maintenance, and invisibility to the customer. The objective of invisibility (i.e., the customer should be aware of its presence) implies that the thermal management system should be quiet. While the thermal management system is part of a larger environmental management systems that controls temperature, humidity, and air purity of the electric room, this paper focuses on airflow management design.

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