Bristlecone Construction Joins Katerra

Bristlecone Construction Joins Katerra

General Contractor Acquisition Accelerates Katerra’s Footprint

Bristlecone Construction Corporation, a Denver-area general contractor specializing in commercial and multi-family projects, and Katerra, a technology company redefining the construction industry, today announced the two companies have combined. By joining together, Bristlecone Construction, which will become known as Katerra, will leverage Katerra’s technologies and supply chain to deliver increased value to their clients.

“Bristlecone has always pushed the limits of technology and self-performance to help move construction forward, and we believe in being true builders not just contractors,” said Zach Smith, CEO of Bristlecone Construction Corporation. “When we compared Bristlecone’s mission statement to Katerra’s it was difficult to tell them apart. This merger allows us to expand the value and services we already provide for our clients and we cannot be more excited to join their team and help them propel the construction industry into the 21st century.”

Through this partnership Katerra will gain important self-perform expertise in areas of structural concrete and framing and secure a foundation to scale their construction execution capabilities in the Central United States.

“Bristlecone Construction shares Katerra’s commitment to delivering increased value to customers by embracing technology, self-performance, and innovative methods,” said Michael Marks, chairman and co-founder of Katerra. “The expertise and fresh thinking about construction approaches brought by Zach Smith and the Bristlecone leadership team will play a key role in realizing our vision to transform the building industry in the United States.”

About Bristlecone Construction

Bristlecone Construction is a Colorado-based general contractor focused on creating disruptive efficiencies in the vertical construction industry through self-performance, technology, and innovative procurement methods. Since its founding in 2014, Bristlecone Construction has delivered detailed solutions for complex projects to both large and smaller-scaled construction firms, ranging in cost from $500,000 to $55 million.

About Katerra

Katerra is a technology company optimizing every aspect of building development, design, and construction. With leaders from the most groundbreaking technology, design, manufacturing, and construction companies, Katerra transforms how buildings and spaces come to life. Founded in 2015, Katerra has a growing number of domestic and international offices, factories, and building projects. 

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